Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama the agent of, wait for it... 'change'?

The look of seriousness that he dons had me- believing. But what fundamental change has he enacted? It seriously makes me crazy rolling over and over in my mind, trying to reconcile this self-proclaimed agent of change with the meek deviations from the status quo that he has induced. Initiating health care is no longer bold, it's a no-brainer, the only real winning issue for democrats- was until they blew it so absolutely.

I propose that the fundamental problem of the democrats, particularly the leadership, is in failing to appreciate the positive power of a basic physical concept- polarity. If you will recall, the whole Obama phenomenon started with that glorious speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 (note the irony, see Kerry, John). Well the heart of that speech that sent him rocketing to the presidency was 'uniting'- "we are not the red states of America, or the blue states of America, we are the UNITED States of America". So here this past year we have but seen Obama try and realize that. Well, you gotta give the guy credit for tryin. At least he was true to that part of his proclamation. The other part of his claim, of course, is that he is a freakin' democrat, and committed to democratic reforms, strategizing and striving to get democrats elected. And herein I think lies the problem. Obama is conflicted. He wants to unite, but he was elected on his rhetoric by democrats, save a sprinkling of independents and the off republican. It's a case of trying to represent everyone, while representing no one. And imagine the scorn of such betrayed democrats.

The problem with democrats is that while campaigning, they are 'true blood' democrats, but as soon as victory is clenched, they immediately 'think they know better' and want to please everybody. But as the saying goes, you try to please everyone, you please no one. This is exactly where the dims are today. They could have played hardball and gotten hardcore health reform through. The country would have rewarded them handsomely, even republicans when they benefitted tangibly from it. But dims fail to appreciate the positive power of polarity, which carries with it a directional vector, or momentum.

When momentum is in the republican direction, it can be used to accomplish significant republican initiatives, yes, lowering taxes and fostering business can be good for the economy and American prosperity. When the momentum is in the democratic direction, it needs to be wielded to get democratic priorities enacted while the getting is good. That is the power of polarity and momentum. While bipartisanship and 'uniting' is cumbaya great stuff and good ideals, they also have the negative qualities of inertia and petty bickering- people often just aren't going to agree, not because they are not reasonable, just because their priorities are different.

I have learned that that is largely what politics comes down to, not a difference in fundamental reason, but substantial differences in emphasis. Isn't it about time the democrats woke up to appreciate the underlying intelligence in the polarity of our system? And then fricking wield the power when commanded by voters to do so? I mean talk about the all time greatest missed opportunity with this health care thing. And the criticisms are all true, Obama and the Dim leadership let this thing drag out and the bickering, like there were no adults around to say, "Ok children, now shut up. This is the way it's going to be." Wasting congresses time while terrorists are plotting against us, etc. Sad, sad Fail.

Another way to look at this is for all the resources, blood and treasure, that are are poored into our ELECTION CYCLES, they must produce profound material results in order to be worth it, to be value added. After martially the time, attention, resources- $1 billion for Obama's campaign alone- of the entire country for the better part of two years, then their better be some significant returns on this investment. And so far, the returns from Obama and Congress have been what? An politician's open-ended 'promise' to close gitmo? Escalating the Vietnam III quagmire in Afghanistan? Waving his finger at the naughty bankers? Please, this is no return on investment for anyone, this is just pathetic. This is all just pathetic. And to think, all he had to do was be bold. That's it. If he was bold, all the kids that were 'fired up and ready to go' would have noticed their return on investment. Now, pfft. What do they have to notice? What does anyone have to notice? Obama- enough with the public date nights and the all the ceremonial circumstance with the White House pomp parties. The clock has ticked, where have you been?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's the deal with the new racism?

African-Americans not Blacks
Latinos or Hispanics not Browns
American-Indians not Redskins
Whites not European-Americans

WTF ?!

The American Consumer- what the hell ever happened to American Citizens?

What the hell ever happened to the citizenry? We have been reduced, indignified to the consumery. Pathetic, no doubt. The only way Americans are referred to at all any more is as consumers. Where is the dignity in that? I get to be defined as a meandering mall rat, with the lifelong goal of proving to my peers my impeccably good taste in buying shit? And my eagle eye for noticing that stupid next big, stylish product before they do? What a trifling mission, no?

In any case, from now on, I am demanding that the media shit-for-brains refer to me as a citizen, not a baffooning consumer, with few exceptions in regard to context. They are welcome to refer to all of the other baffooning Americans as consumers if they are comfortable with it, but I demand the brainless media folk, when exploiting me as the subject in their stories, to dignify me with my rightful designation, a fricking human being and a citizen. So instead of saying tritely, "blah blah blah the American Consumer blah blah..", they will have to say more respectfully, "blah blah blah the American Consumer and also an American Citizen blah blah blah...such as...US Americans..." There, I'm happy now. And I'll gladly sue the bastards for slander and defamation if they do not uphold their duty.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We often say Bush should admit mistakes and change course.

Dear Mrs. Speaker Pelosi,

We often say Bush should admit mistakes he has made, reconsider, and change course. It would be exactly hypocritical of us not to apply the same standard of behavior to ourselves.

Try as I might, I cannot give you the benefit of the doubt on the reasoning as to why you made the illegal and absurd maneuver of 'taking impeachment off the table'.

After the whole Bill Clinton debacle, you may be afraid of the word and the action of impeachment, but I am not. The Clinton episode may have left you and others with a lingering feeling of adversity toward impeachment. But that is an emotional mistake and folly. Maybe Bill deserved to be impeached. Maybe he did not. The republicans made the decision on that one. But whatever decision republicans have made in the past, in no way shape or form, exempts...

Whatever political calculus was involved in your single handedly castrating the American people in 'taking impeachment off the table', be it to act above the fray, be the bigger person (how did that work out for John Kerry?), be the adult, to not be distracted with retribution, or because of fears that it will tear the country apart, that it will give the rethuglicons strength, etc. etc.-- whatever the reasoning that brought you to that action, I am telling you now, sincerely, that it is wrong at this time. ...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

WTF are 'Conservative Values'?

First let's establish what they are not, according to the actions of the self-proclaimed 'conservative' party. They are not a conservative, isolationist foreign policy. They are not fiscal conservatism or fiscal responsibility. And they are not small government. The so called 'conservatives' with their ever more referenced conservative values, have, with complete political power in their hands, spat on fiscal responsibility, spat on conservative foreign policy, and spat on small government.

So, these bare-faced facts beg the question, what the hell are conservative values??? Huh, Newt, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'reilly? I'm talking to you hacks. Are these ever more piously preached about conservative, family values of yours not having sex before marriage, not getting divorced, not exposing children to adult content like 'R'-rated movies? They can't be, because generally, self-proclaimed conservatives do all of these things at least as frequently as everyone else. Are conservative values hating gays and denying abortions? The real life actions, the real life events, the real life facts dictate yes, this is the true and real breadth of the republican agenda- hating gays and opposing abortion.

It is way past the time to call the republican, 'conservative' agenda what it is. To use words that actually, objectively describe the physical thing we are referring to. The republican, 'conservative' party, in general, is a greedy, morally and ethically bankrupt gang allied together for the purpose of financial gain, facilitated by manipulating peoples emotions through hatred and fear.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Please advise

In the context that we as people- our DNA is 99.9% identical. Keep this fact in mind as you review the following comments, as I will ask for your help at the end. The Repuglican's record after 12 years of dominance in Congress and 8 years dominance in the Executive is:

  • $9,000,000,000,000 (that's trillion) debt (China owns us)
    -Does anyone know what the interest is on 9 trillion dollars?!
  • $500,000,000,000 deficit (China owns us)
  • $9,000,000,000,000 (that's trillion) debt (China owns us)
    -Does anyone know what the interest is on 9 trillion dollars?!
    $500,000,000,000 deficit (China owns us)
  • $9,000,000,000,000 (that's trillion) debt (China owns us)
    -Does anyone know what the interest is on 9 trillion dollars?!
    $500,000,000,000 deficit (China owns us)
  • Vietnam 2.0 is falling to pieces and bleeding our military and treasure with no end in sight
  • The Rich are way fucking Richer, The Poor are way Poorer
  • Education is in the Shithouse, financial aid has been gutted
  • The world hates us, our alliances are shit
  • Health care costs are insane and getting insanely worse
  • Oil companies are subsidized, fueling our oil addiction, infinitely financing the 'terrorists' with the ultimate effect of indefinitely sustaining the 'war' with terrorism!!?? WTF???
  • Clean domestic renewable energy sources are staring us in the f*#king face
  • Environmental standards, air and water, have been Gutted (how's that Mercury taste in your drinking water? how do those carcinogens taste in your breathing air? and how do those filthy air particles feel in your children's asthma induced lungs?)
  • Clean Domestic renewable energy sources are staring us in the f*#king face
  • The writ of Habeus Corpus has been bludgeoned
  • The government has seized KGB, Gestapo like authorities, spying on Americans and incarcerating them 'To Keep us Safe'
  • We are giving up our liberties to 'keep us safe'. What more poignant symbol of the terrorists defeating us could there possibly be?
  • How many times, how sickeningly many times can a politician and his machine invoke and exploit a human tradgedy that was 9/11??
  • ...