Saturday, July 14, 2007

We often say Bush should admit mistakes and change course.

Dear Mrs. Speaker Pelosi,

We often say Bush should admit mistakes he has made, reconsider, and change course. It would be exactly hypocritical of us not to apply the same standard of behavior to ourselves.

Try as I might, I cannot give you the benefit of the doubt on the reasoning as to why you made the illegal and absurd maneuver of 'taking impeachment off the table'.

After the whole Bill Clinton debacle, you may be afraid of the word and the action of impeachment, but I am not. The Clinton episode may have left you and others with a lingering feeling of adversity toward impeachment. But that is an emotional mistake and folly. Maybe Bill deserved to be impeached. Maybe he did not. The republicans made the decision on that one. But whatever decision republicans have made in the past, in no way shape or form, exempts...

Whatever political calculus was involved in your single handedly castrating the American people in 'taking impeachment off the table', be it to act above the fray, be the bigger person (how did that work out for John Kerry?), be the adult, to not be distracted with retribution, or because of fears that it will tear the country apart, that it will give the rethuglicons strength, etc. etc.-- whatever the reasoning that brought you to that action, I am telling you now, sincerely, that it is wrong at this time. ...