Saturday, May 19, 2007

WTF are 'Conservative Values'?

First let's establish what they are not, according to the actions of the self-proclaimed 'conservative' party. They are not a conservative, isolationist foreign policy. They are not fiscal conservatism or fiscal responsibility. And they are not small government. The so called 'conservatives' with their ever more referenced conservative values, have, with complete political power in their hands, spat on fiscal responsibility, spat on conservative foreign policy, and spat on small government.

So, these bare-faced facts beg the question, what the hell are conservative values??? Huh, Newt, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'reilly? I'm talking to you hacks. Are these ever more piously preached about conservative, family values of yours not having sex before marriage, not getting divorced, not exposing children to adult content like 'R'-rated movies? They can't be, because generally, self-proclaimed conservatives do all of these things at least as frequently as everyone else. Are conservative values hating gays and denying abortions? The real life actions, the real life events, the real life facts dictate yes, this is the true and real breadth of the republican agenda- hating gays and opposing abortion.

It is way past the time to call the republican, 'conservative' agenda what it is. To use words that actually, objectively describe the physical thing we are referring to. The republican, 'conservative' party, in general, is a greedy, morally and ethically bankrupt gang allied together for the purpose of financial gain, facilitated by manipulating peoples emotions through hatred and fear.