Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's the deal with the new racism?

African-Americans not Blacks
Latinos or Hispanics not Browns
American-Indians not Redskins
Whites not European-Americans

WTF ?!

The American Consumer- what the hell ever happened to American Citizens?

What the hell ever happened to the citizenry? We have been reduced, indignified to the consumery. Pathetic, no doubt. The only way Americans are referred to at all any more is as consumers. Where is the dignity in that? I get to be defined as a meandering mall rat, with the lifelong goal of proving to my peers my impeccably good taste in buying shit? And my eagle eye for noticing that stupid next big, stylish product before they do? What a trifling mission, no?

In any case, from now on, I am demanding that the media shit-for-brains refer to me as a citizen, not a baffooning consumer, with few exceptions in regard to context. They are welcome to refer to all of the other baffooning Americans as consumers if they are comfortable with it, but I demand the brainless media folk, when exploiting me as the subject in their stories, to dignify me with my rightful designation, a fricking human being and a citizen. So instead of saying tritely, "blah blah blah the American Consumer blah blah..", they will have to say more respectfully, "blah blah blah the American Consumer and also an American Citizen blah blah blah...such as...US Americans..." There, I'm happy now. And I'll gladly sue the bastards for slander and defamation if they do not uphold their duty.